fyi i like penis


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i ship us

hanon otp

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HEY HELEN hows twgkyksyfhgvyn going because i really want to read it already is it ever gonna be ready or am i just never gonna be able to read it cries

m lauggn ohgmd im hoPING not too long but idk :(( i know where i wanna take the plot buTt

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Tin Foil Attack!

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Hi hello yes this is the anon who asked for the link for twgkyn bc I was on mobile & I just wanted to let you know I finished it in like 4 hours during school bc it was so good. You're an amazing author (disasterology was amazing too btw) love you ♡

omg thnak u so much that made me smile im laungig Brings me bakc to the days when i used to do tht at school

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dan + black shirts